Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Madness of Mrs. Pitsberger

Here's my bracket.

Last year I filled out a bracket a) because I wanted in on the work pool and b) because I knew Mr. Pitsberger was going to torture me with three weeks of college basketball games that I couldn't give two shits about and I needed something to get excited over in lieu of sex. Since I don't get any while March Madness is happening. I came in second and it went down the final game. The winner had Florida, and I had OSU.

I have Pitt losing to Texas in the Elite Eight. I wouldn't mind being wrong and seeing Pitt take it all, especially after the red ass beatdown they put on Oral Roberts this afternoon. So far, I am 8 for 8. The pot is $80, which will buy me a bad ass handbag and a new pair of shades. I'm gonna own this!

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