Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'ma get controversial on yo' ass

Driving down Liberty Avenue through Bloomfield earlier this week, I was waiting at a red light. When I glanced to my right, I saw (do not click unless you have a strong stomach) this. It was on a sign carried by an anti-abortion protester. Of course, it wasn't that exact picture of a dead baby, but you get my drift. I see things like this all the time, because on my way to work every single day, I drive past a clinic in East Liberty.
Although I have never been pregnant, I am staunchly anti-abortion. I do not believe in it. To me, it's a horrible thing. It goes against all my moral principles and everything I was taught growing up in church. It is not an action I would choose for myself. Now, before all you pro-choicers start emailing me all "Who the hell do you think you are," please note that just because I am pro-life does not mean I expect you to be so. It doesn't mean I'm your enemy or that I think you're going to hell if you believe in abortion or even if you've had one yourself. I am certainly not going to try and change your mind.
In fact, as far as abortion protesters go, I'd rather not be associated with them in any way. At 8 o'clock on a Thursday morning, I, even being pro-life, don't want to have dead babies shoved in my face. Hell, I don't want dead babies shoved in my face at any time of the day! Do you really think you're changing any one's mind? Be honest now. Does any woman, on her way to have a abortion, see those signs and think, "Oh, my God, I can't do this?" I'm sure that any woman arriving at the decision to terminate her pregnancy did not get there lightly. If I were pro-choice, I would retaliate for this nonsense by printing up huge-mongous pictures of women, dead from back alley and coat hanger abortions, and plastering them on signs to protest in front of churches and high schools.
I find it completely offensive. Moms drive their kids to school down Liberty Avenue. School buses full of children use Liberty Avenue. Do you think that I want to have to explain that graphic, disgusting photograph of a dead baby to my five-year-old? Shouldn't I get to broach that topic on my own time and when or if I so choose? If your sign is any indication, you're supposed to be all about protecting the innocent and their rights. What right do you have to expose them to that kind of horror? This is a free country and you have every right to believe what you want to believe, but so do I. And if you ask me, I believe you should stick your signs up your self-righteous asses.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are pro-choice. Your choice would be to not have an abortion, but you seem to be open to others making their own choices. There seems to be a belief by a lot of people that pro-choicers want everyone to have an abortion. I am by no means saying this is your belief, just a general observation.

Mrs Pitsberger said...
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Mrs Pitsberger said...

Thanks for your comment. I am not pro-choice, because I do think abortion is wrong, not just for me, but as a general rule. However, if the mother's life is at stake or she was a victim of incest, rape, etc, I can understand that. I AM pro-not shoving dead fetuses in the faces of children and others.

INS Webmaster said...

However, if the mother's life is at stake or she was a victim of incest, rape, etc, I can understand that.

Oh, so the woman needs to have a GOOD reason for an abortion. Otherwise known as "being a backhanded pro-choicer." You can certainly be against abortion for yourself, which is fine, but don't put caveats on others.

BTW, those pictures are usually of miscarriages rather than actual abortions, as the average abortion is done at about eight weeks when the fetus basically looks like a tadpole. But yes, it can be difficult to explain the pictures to a small child.

Mrs Pitsberger said...

INS, thanks for your permission to be against abortion for myself. I'm not putting caveats on anybody...if I were I'd be out there holding pictures of dead babies, instead of bitching about the people who do.

It's my right to believe abortion is wrong, just like it's your right to believe that it's not. It's also my right to believe regardless that the government shouldn't tell me or any other woman what to do with her body, and I do believe that as well.

I'm not ripping you a new asshole for being pro-choice. I would appreciate the same respect from you.